MANIFEST: "Serial 3D-Printing"

Bremen, Juli 2015 
author: Vincent Brinkmann 

1/9 The one who does serial 3D printing sees himself as the producer of a series that is generated from digital data. With help of 3D printing a mold version is made.

2/9 The mold version is directly produced from digital data so there is no for a physically existing positive version. 

3/9 The creating act is the cast of the objects. The producer decides which material is being used.

4/9 The casting itself becomes a ritual. In the making of a series the cast turns into a connection between its creator and the object and, through the serial repetition production becomes a ritual. 

5/9 The series is produced by a number of copies determined by the artist. The copies are numbered with the appropriate total number.

6/9 Serial 3D printing critically reflects the handling of mass production. Mass production serves as artificial divergence, as the initial point of difference between object and repetition out of which a series is created.

7/9 The trace turns into the patina of the shape and is embedded in the object. The technique of reproduction remains visible.

8/9 Mistakes happen. In the technique of reproduction of serial 3D printing you cast from a mold form; all casts are unique and individual.

9/9 Serial 3D printing becomes the valid technique of art that must spread and find application.